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Eye Infection Treatment at Mitchell Optical Company

Some painful conditions are more disturbing and distracting than others, and eye infections surely win a top spot on that list. These problems can cause pain, redness, vision problems, and even long-term damage if you don't get the treatment you need. You can spare your eyes a lot of misery by turning to Mitchell Optical Coompany for relief. Our Mitchell, IN, eye care center can diagnose the cause of your infection and prescribe the right mix of solutions to help you overcome it.


The Uncomfortable World of Eye Infections

Except for the protection of your eyelids and a thin layer of tear film, there's nothing protecting the front surfaces of your eyes from the outside world, a world known to contain a variety of infectious agents. As a result, eye infections are a fairly common occurrence, especially in germ-laden environments, such as schools. Significant sources of eye discomfort and other problems include:

  • Pink eye - Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is an infection of the membrane that sits on the white of the eye. The infection turns this normally-invisible membrane pink or red. Other symptoms of pink eye include eye discharge, light sensitivity, irritation, and swelling of the eyelid.
  • Sty - A sty is a bacterial eyelid infection that develops in the oil-producing glands near the eyelashes. It is characterized by annoying, uncomfortable bumps along the rim of the eye.
  • Keratitis - Keratitis, an irritation of the cornea, can occur when this sensitive tissue is infected. Dirty water or poor contact lens hygiene can cause keratitis.
  • Uveitis - This inflammation of the interior structures of the eye can be caused by a variety of irritants, including certain infections.

Effective Relief from Our Mitchell Optometrist

It's important to seek the proper treatment for a suspected eye infection. Some infections can pose a serious threat to your ocular health and long-term vision. Our Mitchell optometrist, Dr. Spencer Maudlin, can evaluate the subtle details of your symptoms to find the underlying cause of your eye infection. For instance, the watery discharge of viral conjunctivitis versus the sticky discharge of bacterial conjunctivitis.

Soothing eye drops, compresses, and other remedies can help alleviate symptoms. Antibiotics, anti-viral drugs, or anti-fungal medications can remove the reason for your misery. We may also recommend changes in your contact lens routine or other lifestyle modifications to help you steer clear of future infections, if poor contact lens hygiene was the cause of your infection.

Do You Need an Eye Doctor? Call Our Eye Care Center Today

Eye infections can be awful experiences, but you don't have to put up with them. Call Mitchell Optical Company at 812-849-4385 to schedule treatment from our skilled optometrist! 


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